Your full service medical team

Providing on-site medical diagnostics services to Long Island

Our board-certified physicians, nurses, and technicians come to your location to provide physical examinations, blood testing, drug testing, Department of Transportation certifications, and more.

Fire Fighter Classifications

Our team specializes in working with fire departments to provide physical exams to determine their classification.

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Online Medical Forms

Easily and quickly fill out your medical forms online

We offer easy to fill out medical history and optional service forms for your staff to fill out before our team arrives. Filling out forms online allows your staff more time to ensure their medical history is correct and helps streamline the examination process for both your staff and our team.

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Satisfy Regulations

Ensure your staff meets required physical standards

We know it is important to ensure your staff meets federal and state law mandates, OSHA , and other governing body regulations. We offer complete packages that satisfy important certifications and regulations that emergency response personnel must meet.

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500,000+ Exams

An experienced provider of hundreds of thousands of physical exams

15,000+ Patients

Serving thousands of patients at hundreds of remote locations.

Mobile, on-site medical services

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