Patient Medical Forms System

We make it easy for your staff to fill out pre-exam medical forms online

Streamline the Exam Process

Speed up our visit to save everyone time

Our easy to use online medical forms system collects patient history and optional medical services registration before we arrive. This process allows your staff to fill out forms at their convenience and to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Focused on your staff, not paperwork

We value your staff's time. Our goal is to provide your staff with quick and effective medical examinations while eliminating the need to gather and process paperwork on-site.

Easy, Secure, and Supported

Our system is easy and secure for your staff to use.

  • We offer easy registration for your staff. Once registered, they will be able to navigate a user friendly system to fill out all the forms required for our visit.
  • Calendars are provided in the system so your staff can see when we will be on-site. Or, if there are availability issues, they can find additional locations and times for their examination.
  • Your staff can retrieve their previously submitted medical forms to help speed up the process of entering information for their next examination.
  • All medical data submitted is encrypted and stored securely, accessed only by our certified staff for performing medical examinations.
  • Our team is available to help your staff with any questions they may have while filling out their medical forms.