Mobile Medical Examination Services

On-site physical exam and diagnostics in the New York tri-state area.

Professional Diagnostics

Easy to Understand Results

We offer a large array of medical diagnostic services for first responders and corporate employees and contractors. All of our diagnostic services are performed by board-certified medical physicians, nurses, and technicians using safe, non-invasive procedures and equipment. Results for all services performed are provided in a timely manner as an easy to understand report broken down by patient and test.

Over 85% of emergency services across the county are staffed by volunteers.

Whereas a visit to a doctor’s office or clinic would involve taking leave, we schedule medical evaluations for evenings and weekends. Our medical team comes to your facility, at your convenience.

Fire Fighter Physical Examinations & Medical Testing

We offer a wide range of medical services catered specifically to volunteer interior fire fighters.

Federal and state law mandates occupational health and safety standards. Emergency response personnel must meet physical standards in order to perform their duties. We offer a complete medical package to satisfy OSHA regulations 29CFR 1910.156, 1910.120 and 1910.134, in addition to NFPA standards 1500 and 1582.

Physicians perform a physical examination, review medical history, and assess results prior to classifying the individual according to OSHA Class A, B, C or D requirements. Where medical indications necessitate follow-up, our physicians direct the individual to their personal care provider. Our physicians do not diagnose or administer treatment based on the medical evaluation.

Medical Diagnostic Service Class A Class B Class C Class D
Vitals including pulse, respirations, blood pressure, and temperature
Complete blood count & SMAC 25 blood test
12 lead electrocardiogram (E.K.G.)
Dermatological system
Ears, eyes, nose, mouth, throat
Cardiovascular system
Respiratory system
Gastrointestinal system
Genitourinary system
Endocrine and metabolic system
Audiometry (Maicro 728) hearing test
Color blindness test
Spirometry test
Diagnostic is performed
Diagnostic is not performed

Additional Medical Services

The following supplemental services may be offered upon request by organizations or patients before our arrival.

  • A1C blood test (For Diabetics only)
  • Certified DOT CDL License Eye Exams
  • CRP HIGH Sensitivity Blood Test
  • Echocardiogram, Carotid Doppler, Ankle Brachial Index
  • HIV Blood Test
  • Homocysteine Sensitivity Blood Test
  • Lyme Disease Blood Test
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA Blood Test)
  • RH factor/Blood Type (Blood Test)
  • THS Blood Test
  • Titer Blood Test, including:
    • Hepatitis B, C
    • Rubella
    • Rubeola/Mumps/Varicella
  • Tuberculous Test (mandated for EMT, rescue personnel)
  • X-ray and radiologist interpretation


  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B vaccine (mandated for EMT, rescue personnel)
  • Influenza vaccine
  • Pneumonia vaccine
  • Tetanus vaccine

Hazmat Tests

  • Arsenic Blood Test
  • Benzine Blood Test
  • Cadmium Blood Test
  • Lead Blood Test
  • Lyme Blood Test
  • PCB Blood Test
  • Thallium Blood Test

On-site Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our board-certified physicians, nurses, and technicians look forward to working with your staff to help ensure their safety.

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